About the Mini-Symposium

Cells are full of biological macromolecules that act as miniature machines, carrying out the functions that allow life to exist. Application of engineering principles to biological macromolecules can not only lead to a better understanding of how these machines function, but to new tools for solving problems related to the environment, energy, medicine and biotechnology.

Organized by students in the University of Oregon’s Molecular Biology and Biophysics training program, the Engineering Biomolecules Mini-Symposium showcases six world-class researchers in the field of biomolecular engineering. These researchers use techniques derived from a broad array of disciplines – including biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, computational protein design, molecular evolution, and cellular, structural and molecular biology – to manipulate biomolecules. The products of their molecular tinkering have provided amazing new tools that shed new light on fundamental problems in biology and solve biomedical challenges like targeted drug delivery or imaging tumors in live animals. – DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS JUNE 8, 2018

The 2018 mini-symposium is sponsored by the following at the University of Oregon:

Vice President for Research and Innovation
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institute of Molecular Biology

University of Oregon, Willamette Hall:
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